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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lesson 19: Frames

Frames are an art all in themselves, basically a frame page is two or three webpages that all load at the same time on one screen. Frames are versatile because while a user is viewing a website like yahoo, they can see things that you would have them use on the left, the right or above, maybe even below. A good example of this type of page is Blog Explosions "Surf" feature. There is a command field inside a frame at all times at the top of the "Surf" page. To learn the structure tags and such for frames click below:

Frames Course

Just like with Lesson 18, I sometimes opt to just let a code generator create the code for me, and then alter it to my likings after I install it. For that I use:

Frames Code Generator

Learn it, love it, use it! Oh, and feel free to comment.

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