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Welcome To Cut Copy Paste, a step by step guide to totally customize Blogs. Whether you're wanting to build a website or just a really cool blog, I can show you some easy ways to get started.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

A New Guide is Here!

I have started the full scale construction of a New HTML Codes Guide called: This is a New Site based on old ideas that were originally developed on Cut Copy Paste. I have decided to start this New Guide in an attempt to fine tune the old lessons found here. The New Guide has Improved Features and a more organized layout. I believe it will be easier for Users to find the content they are looking for while encouraging interest in new material. 

Come take a look, a New Design and Feel with the same Great Resources.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How do I remove the NAVBAR on Blogger?

Want to see your blog completely free of any content that was not developed by you? Is that NAVBAR the only thing you cant seem to get rid of? I have a code for that. Here is the code:

Now, where to place it. Go to your Layout or Template in your blogs dashboard and then to "Edit HTML." Find the area of the HEAD of the script that looks like this:

Install the code from above and then preview. If you are looking at the Preview for your page and the NAVBAR at the top is gone, you're set. Go back to the editor and Save your Template. If in the event that this didn't remove the bar, DO NOT save, leave the editor and come back before trying again. This will eliminate the chance that you may have placed the code in the wrong way thereby creating errors in your script.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How do I add the Facebook Fan Box to my Blog?

If you have already established a page for your blog on Facebook, you can now go to "Edit Page."

Then choose the Promote with a Fan Box link about half way down the page.

This will take you to an editor that will quickly add or remove any of the content you may want to display on your page.

You can add the Box as a widget by clicking the Blogger button and this will advance you through the widget app. If you want to take the script and place it as you see fit, read on.

The other method, the pro's choice method, is to click the "Other" tab and get the root code itself.

After you've chosen which items you want to appear in this box, go to your page editor that you use to alter your blog, for example; Dashboard/Template/Edit HTML.

Find the part of the script, just below the <Blogger> element and place the code you got from Facebook. NOTE: this is how you add to the OLD blogger template, keep reading for the Newer widget template.

There are two different Template editors now so, if you've upgraded to the newer Template, use this pic to reference the codes, the template that uses widgets is much more complicated, but here is the example:

Preview before you save is always recommended, and don't be afraid to mess with the width=100 attributes in any of the codes to get it to that perfect fit. Before you know it you will be an avid script editor!!!

CCP - Networked Blogs on Facebook

Thank you for visiting Cut Copy Paste, I have added the iFrame for my New Facebook Page and I want YOU to Become a Fan!
It's the most recent project I have been working on. The ultimate goal is to get all of these different platforms to perform together. All the lessons are still here, and there's more Coming Soon!

Note: The Facebook iFrame is only visible on the Main Page and the Archive Page of this site. This feature will be hidden while viewing any of the lessons or posts.

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